The following policies are intended to promote the best possible individual and team performance.
They are also important to maintaining a favorable image of our team and community.

**TWDA Coaching Staff and/or Chereches Sports LLC cannot and will not assume any
responsibility/liability for chaperoning athletes at meets.**

1. Athletes should always be on time to practice at meets. Practice times at meets are assigned.
If you miss your session, it cannot be rescheduled/made up.

2. Attendance at all practices on trips is mandatory, unless excused by the Coach of Record.

3. Athletes must show the utmost respect for the coaches, parents, chaperons and teammates.
Coaches, parents and athletes from other teams should also be treated with respect and

4. Athletes are expected to exhibit good behavior at all times when traveling as their behavior
reflects on the coaches, teammates, families and teammates families.

5. Athletes should follow appropriate curfews that have been established by their coach/chaperone.

6. Athletes will dress appropriately at meets as defined in the Dress Code.

7. Athletes should cheer for, give encouragement and support their teammates during an event.

8. Each team member will be responsible for their travel expenses, meet entry fees, late fees,
USA Diving/AAU membership fees, team uniform, extracurricular activities at meets and
all other personal expenses that may arise during the year. The Booster Club covers the
expenses and per diem the coaches incur during travel to meets.

9. TWDA Coaches are prohibited from transporting athletes to practice, meets, clinics or
other training events, per US Center for SafeSport policies.

10. The use of illegal drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco by any underage athlete is forbidden. Any
violation of this rule at a meet will result in immediate suspension or dismissal from the team and
may result in the athlete being sent home at the parents' expense.

11. Parents of younger divers are required to accompany their athletes to out-of-town meets.
Older divers under the age of 18, may travel by themselves to out-of-town meets, but must
have an adult responsible for them at competition. If a parent cannot accompany their child
on a trip, they should speak directly to the person who will be responsible and make
arrangements for that person to personally supervise the child during the trip.

12. Parents must understand that their conduct is also a reflection upon the team and coaching
staff. Parents should refrain from derogatory comments (especially in the stands) criticizing
parents and coaches; meet officials and staff. Any questions or concerns should be directed in a
courteous and professional manner. ANY PARENT REFUSING TO ABIDE BY THIS RULE WILL

I have read and fully understand and will abide by the above policies. I understand that any
violation of these policies is subject for immediate suspension or dismissal from The Woodland
Diving Academy team.