The Woodlands Diving Academy coaching staff determines membership on this team. Qualities that the coaching staff are look for include great potential, work ethic, flexibility, strength and most importantly, an athlete who is coachable.

Based on coaches’ evaluations and an athlete’s skills set, diving proficiency, competitive performance and work ethic, divers will be placed into specific training groups to optimize individual talent as well as facilitate overall team progress. Periodically, depending on the growth of the team, coaches may re-evaluate the athletes and move a diver to a different training group or return to lessons, to balance work out groups and maximize team function. These policies are designed and enforced to create the highest competitive atmosphere possible and ensure the most effective learning environment to help each athlete achieve their potential. It is not punishment, but a means to fine tune limited practice time and give each athlete the best environment to succeed.

Additionally, as determined by the coaching staff in discussion with the athlete and their parents, short-term junior success might be sacrificed, if necessary, to prepare for long-term senior success.