Welcome, we are glad to have you join our diving program! 

As a team, we lease space at the CISD Natatorium and must comply with the policies set by Conroe Independent School District.

  1. All participants must shower before getting in the pool. Divers can use the showers on deck behind the three meter boards.
  2. Shaving is not permitted anywhere within the entire CISD Natatorium Complex.
  3. No chewing gum, food or color based drinks are allowed on the pool deck, water only.
  4. Absolutely no tobacco, alcohol products or glass containers are allowed on Conroe School District property, including the parking lot.
  5. Security personnel are empowered to enforce any and all regulations established by CISD Natatorium Policy.
  6. All spectators and parents must remain in the grandstand. Only participants, coaches, event adminstrators and event volunteers are allowed on the pool deck.
  7. Participants in swim suits are not allowed in the Grandstand-seating area, or to climb over banisters/railings, or pass any posted barriers.
  8. Lawn chairs and coolers are not allowed in the Grandstand-seating area, stadium seats shall not exceed 17" wide or 13" deep.
  9. Betting and gambling are strictly prohibited.
  10. Horseplay and other risky activity are prohibited throughout the entire CISD Natatorium Complex.
  11. Blocking or restricting fire lanes or emergency exits, and the use of emergency exits for non-emergency uses are prohibited.
  12. Due to the number of competing activities scheduled by the Natatorium staff and CISD School Board, several practices/classes will need to be rescheduled during the year. We will try to give plenty of notice and several options to choose from for scheduling make-ups due to these activities

I understand and will abide by all policies of The Woodlands Diving Academy, Chereches Sports, LLC, its coaches and staff and Conroe Independent School District.

All athletes of TWDA are responsible for reading and following the rules and guidelines set forth on the following pages. Athletes and parents understand that any violation or failure to observe policies and rules is subject to immediate suspension and/or dismissal from the team.